Using Google Calendar for meal planning

While I don’t love planning, I love myself a good system. Furthermore, figuring out an organizational approach that works for my chaotic way of thinking is a challenge I always enjoy. I’ve started experimenting with Google Calendar as a meal planning tool, since a calendar is essentially what my meal plan is. So far, theContinue reading “Using Google Calendar for meal planning”

Fueling fitness. Aka: Protein… that I can pronounce

Let’s talk about fueling fitness. Nutrition and fitness I have a close friend who is a competitive triathlete. We went to the gym together once (and only once) when we were in college. She was giving me some weight lifting tips, and in the process of bicep curls with weights in the sub-5 pound category,Continue reading “Fueling fitness. Aka: Protein… that I can pronounce”

Fitness is more than weight | Fitbit Aria 2

I got home from Orlando to a nice surprise today—a Fitbit Aria 2! I’ve been wearing a Fitbit Ionic smart watch for over a year now. I love that the data provides a fuller picture of what health looks like. Not just a number on a scale, but also my cardio fitness and the numberContinue reading “Fitness is more than weight | Fitbit Aria 2”

Learning how to fitness

I’ve been learning how to fitness lately. And by that I mean how to make fitness a routine. This word “routine” is one I truly hate. Perfect to me sounds like “flexibility” and “spontaneity” and, when used in succession, “we’ll figure it out when we get there.” I shudder, on the other hand, at “plans”Continue reading “Learning how to fitness”