Using Google Calendar for meal planning

While I don’t love planning, I love myself a good system. Furthermore, figuring out an organizational approach that works for my chaotic way of thinking is a challenge I always enjoy.

I’ve started experimenting with Google Calendar as a meal planning tool, since a calendar is essentially what my meal plan is.

So far, the benefits have been:

  • It’s digital: Keeping it up to date feels much more achievable than something analog (and if it feels more do-able, I’m more likely to stick with it).
  • It’s shareable: I can enter notes about ingredients we need to buy and both my husband and I can access them from our phones (at work and at the grocery store).
  • It’s intuitive: I don’t have to learn a new tool. I already know the ins and outs.
  • It’s modular: My hope is that it will also be easy to copy and paste recipes for future weeks.
  • It’s flexible: I’ve used Paprika in the past for saving recipes, but I love a good recipe book. Paprika is tailored to online recipes. With Google Calendar, I can simply leave a page reference in my calendar event if the recipe is from a book, and not online. I can also account for days with gourmet meals like “leftovers” ☺️.

Here’s a look at how each night shows up:

Google calendar screenshot
Google calendar screenshot

Rocket science? Absolutely not. But for the first time ever I’m meal planning, so something about the simplicity is working for me. Cheers to that!

Stay scrappy and roll with what’s intuitive!

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