Designing beautiful new homes for adorable little succulent cuttings

On a recent thrift store outing I found these gorgeous little containers for around $1 each. I had been shopping with Halloween costumes in mind, but couldn’t pass these up.

Various make-shift pots from the thrift store

Back at home I had some tiny succulents planted in yogurt containers (I had poked some holes in the bottom with a kitchen knife for drainage) waiting for more permanent homes. They had all been propagated from the plants in my garden—whether cuttings that I’d taken while pruning, or pups that had grown over the past season.

Succulents in a box ready for planting
Three little pups from the same parent plant.

This little buddy was a cutting from a larger plant—look at all those roots that grew after setting it on its own in the soil and only watering it every couple weeks.

Succulent cutting with new roots
New roots on a succulent propagated from a cutting

I used river rocks (I picked up 5lbs at Home Depot for $4 and some change) to cover the soil on top of each pot primarily for aesthetic impact. But they can also be great for layering under the soil as well. Succulents hate wet roots and can easily rot, so adding pebbles and stones makes room for more air.

River pebbles

Once I was done, I used a paint brush to sweep out the little dirt globs hiding between the succulent leaves.

Brushing dirt off of potted succulents

I love the end result! I’ll pass a few on as gifts (luckily I have great girlfriends who also enjoy being plant parents) and I’ll keep a few to decorate the house.

Potted succulents
Potted succulents
Green succulents in an orange pot
Succulents in a tea pot

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