Learning how to fitness

I’ve been learning how to fitness lately. And by that I mean how to make fitness a routine. This word “routine” is one I truly hate. Perfect to me sounds like “flexibility” and “spontaneity” and, when used in succession, “we’ll figure it out when we get there.” I shudder, on the other hand, at “plans” and “routines.” That is, until I married a Program Manager who has hit the gym every day for years now (and who also happens to work at FitBit). He’s been a great first-hand example of some the good that can come from routines, so I’m trying it out—starting with making a routine of packing a gym bag.

Having the right gear (and keeping it accessible).

Of the things that’s increased the number of regular trips I’ve taken to the gym, having the right gear on hand is at the top of my list. Making a habit of packing my bag the night before with all the essentials keeps me on it. For me, that includes:

  1. Clothes and shoes
  2. Headphones
  3. A jump rope
  4. A lock
  5. A place to put my jewelry
  6. My FitBit
  7. A snack

I can’t say enough about the snacks, so I’ll stop myself there. It’s a game changer though, I promise. I also have a water bottle, but that’s always with me, so forgetting it has never really been a gym barrier.

On the shoes front, having an extra pair that’s always in my bag and a bit lighter weight has helped me fit this “routine” into my non-routine life as well. Case in point, this week I’m in Orlando for the Grace Hopper Celebration, and my streamlined New Balance Fresh Foam has low drop, so it fits into my bag without taking up room for other fun shoes 🙂 So far, I’m 3 for 3 on days I’ve fit the gym into my unpredictable schedule, and it feels great!

I guess my motto “stay messy and make shit happen” still applies, even with a bit of routine thrown in. So for today, stay sweaty, and make shit happen! Get after it.

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