Three books to inspire your garden makeover

I’m a designer by trade, which means I have lots of opinions when it comes to the design of my everyday environment. Some call me “particular,” although I prefer “intentional.” In many areas of my life, I have the skillset to execute upon the design concepts in my imagination. When it comes to designing with plants, however, it just isn’t so. Fortunately for me, I am armed and dangerous—with a library card, that is. I spent a Sunday afternoon this March at my local library browsing anything and everything in the gardening section. Spoiler alert: I shut the place down.

To save you endless hours of searching for *just the right book* (I would have faired well to opt for a little less perfect in this case) I’ve picked out a few of my favorites from the THIRTEEN books I brought home.

How to Plant a Garden, by Matt James

Designing California Native Gardens, by Glenn Keator and Alrie Middlebrook

Growing the Southwest Garden, by Judith Phillips

Stay messy and make shit happen—and when in doubt get that library card out!

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